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The ultimate pre-party clean-up

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Planning a party

You are planning a party or a movie night, a BBQ in the garden or the birthday celebration of your child. Right, you are planning some sort of gathering and as, much more people than normally will now visit your home, you want to show it in its pure perfection and best condition. But what does this mean? Should you perform some sort of modification of the end of tenancy cleaning or the spring one? How many efforts and how much time you should reasonably spend cleaning-up? These are all questions you ask yourself without being able to find the best solution.cracker-1245584_640 And if you spend your whole weekend and all of your free evenings through the week performing a cleaning, is the casual and careless party at your home really worth it? I don’t think so.

But while some tell you that you should not leave your house just like it is now, another insist that you should not overdo. Where is indeed the balance?

Cleaning Tips

Don’t panic, because these here are all the smart ways you could turn your home in a pretty amiable and sweet place. And it is super easy, too.


Well, this is a total must-do, as I believe that you don’t like the idea of your friends arriving and noticing piles of clothes on the floor and messy living room. It is not hard, it doesn’t require a lot of time and it is indeed beneficial for your home even without some guests coming in it. So get down to work and arrange everything, putting it where it belongs.

Get rid of the smells

Here you have so many options. You can rely on the natural airing and open a few windows overnight or you can simply buy some nice scented candles and light them when everyone arrives.

The good news is that thus you will not only get rid of the smells, but the whole atmosphere will be enthralling and delightful.

Remove the pet hair

If you have a pet, you should not skip this, because you don’t want one of your friends wearing skinny black jeans to sit on the couch in the livingchampagne-634643_640 room and then to have them all with fuzz. It is really unpleasant especially for those who are not pet owners or pet lovers.

Clean the most obvious places and surfaces

You will not have enough time to make everything look perfect, so focus on the areas that everyone will notice. If the event would be in the living room mostly, then wash the windows there, remove the dust, clean the TV screen properly, remove the stains from the couch or the carpet.


Oh, don’t you even think of skipping this. This is not a time-consuming task, so go through the whole house. This magical device will cope with the dust on almost every surface and I am more than sure that you will notice the wonderful result thereafter.

And that is the main goal, isn’t it?

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